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Indoor playground equipment by SmartPlaygrounds the best design at the best price

How to drive a long-term return on your indoor playground equipment with the right activity, design and layout... is all about play-a-bility and the activity mix.

Smart Playgrounds activity and design services for indoor playgrounds and playground equipment
indoor playgrounds for children's entertainment centers by SmartPlaygrounds

Indoor playground equipment by SmartPlaygrounds.
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Welcome to smart playgrounds

Unlike other indoor playground companies - Smart Playgrounds is a Design, Activity and Marketing company. We help our customers design the best possible indoor playground for their individual amusement business, or indoor party center goals and then source the perfect indoor playground equipment manufactuer to create the perfect design at the best price.

We work with the top 4 or 5 soft play equipment manufacturers to ensure your project gets the right design at the best possible price.

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If you are looking to purchase soft play equipment, make sure you understand the ROI formula for creating a great play experience. Your indoor playground investment needs to focus every dollar on driving repeat play-a-bility for your indoor party center, edutainment center or other children's entertainment center attraction.

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~ We Are Not Manufacturers ~
Indoor playgrounds can be expensive - and some playground manufacturers may take advantage of new, inexperienced family entertainment center developers. SmartPlaygrounds now offers a comprehensive 12 point indoor playground equipment review, critique and layout analysis service.

Call on our expertise - with 16 plus years experience in the indoor party center business, we are on your side.

Soft play equipment or, as it has been called over the years, softplay, jungle-gym, climbing structures, party play centers, indoor playground equipment is now 30 years old. Invented by Jack Pentes in 1982 to overcome the safety hazards of outdoor physical playground equipment. Unlike traditional outdoor playgrounds, indoor playground equipment and softplay climbing structures are compact and can be used by large numbers of children simultaneously, making it ideally suited for the indoor playground business, indoor party centers, birthday party facilities, childrens entertainment centers and family fun centers.

Starting a new indoor playground business is not rocket science, but it does take a very focused approach to your own indoor party center business goals. Soft play equipment and your concept development is the process of asking the right questions about the design, layout, and those business goals. Such as what ages will your soft play equipment be used by? How much floor space and ceiling height is available to you? How many party rooms will your market support?

By answering these three questions, and using the playground design, activity and marketing ideas below your indoor play ground equipment will rock the show.

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Pretty pictures are not enough! When it comes to driving a return on your indoor soft playground investment - the right design is critical.

themeing your playground for added wow factor

We often get asked, does it make sense to theme our indoor playground? This is a good question as indoor playground pricing for new developers can be a little frustrating to find. If you are budget conscious, adding playground themeing can be a real concern to the overall budget of your soft play equipment.

Smart Playgrounds offers a one-stop approach to getting the best indoor playground design at the best price.

We consult with you to determine your budget, floor space, business goals and unique design ideas, playground activities and events then coordinate the entire process - securing the industries best indoor playground equipment manufacturers in a competitive bid to earn your amusement business.

We handle the design, the follow up, and the interruptive sales calls leaving you free to focus on the details of starting or running your childrens entertainment center or indoor playground business.

Give us a call today to start the SmartPlaygrounds indoor play process.


The basis for a long-term, strong return on your soft playground investment is your activity mix. What kinds of activities and how many activities will drive both the cost of the play structure and the play-a-bility of your playground.

We have established relationships with top playground manufacturers, offering the widest variety of softplay activities, playground equipment and events.

However, our responsibility is to you.

When you work with Smart Playgrounds, you get our Guarantee that we will help you design the best indoor playground for your business goals at the absolute best price - period.

One of the many challenges facing new indoor playground equipment buyers is knowing which activities not only look cool, but will enhance the Play-A-Bility factor and help drive repeat visits. Sadly, in the push for your business softplay manufacturers and indoor playground companies may make recommendations that best fit their agenda, and not yours. We eliminate this by being in the game with you.

With over 16 years entertainment center experience and previous consulting positions with four of the top indoor playground manufacturers - we know playgrounds.

Points of Concern
- Are ball pools still worth installing?
- Does a playground theme make sense for your project?
- Which slides to include & stay away from?
- The visibility factor and moms - creating a safe play environment.
- Creating an open and welcoming play area.
- Event marketing and great parties!
- Make your indoor playground act larger than your budget.
- Tips to save save thousands of dollars on on your indoor playground installation.
- Multi-purpose your indoor playground with tactile, sensory, educational and playful learning activities.
- Ideas and designs that turn your fun center mid-week lows into revenue highs!
- Make sure you consider the visibility factor with your indoor play area.
- Indoor playgrounds are dust magnets, here are 3 things you can do to minimize this issue for mom.
- Tips for charging your customers based on the design of your indoor soft playground equipment.
- Why your staff needs to be taken through the indoor playground.
- The 5 must-do rules to consider BEFORE you buy your indoor playground equipment.

Marketing is not a sleazy word. Along with the guest experience, Marketing is the life blood of your business. You are about to invest a good chunk of change on an indoor playground - and a successful long term return on that investment, MUST include a marketing strategy within the initial design process.

How to best sell your playground experience is not simply open the doors and greet your guests.

Seasons change, as do market needs and community demographics. If your center is dependent upon repeat community traffic, how do you ensure the indoor playground you buy today has enough Play-A-Bility and staying power to entertain children as they grow and expectations change over the years?

Which activities to include, why and how to layout each play-grid to ensure the best possible return by maximizing the Play-A-Bility factor.

Safety, visibility, play a bility and the right activities at the right price.

This is what smart design, activity and marketing can do for indoor playgrounds. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the variety of playground equipment, manufacturers and indoor playground designs, give Smart Playgrounds a call without any obligation.

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