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Smart Playgrounds
is part of the FEC Network, with over 16 years experience in operations, planning and design and providing services and equipment for children’s entertainment centers in countries around the world.

Playground Design - Developing Your Indoor Party Center

Our experience includes; facility operations, playground design and installation, facility design and layout, content development, birthday party operations, playground manufacturing as well as face-time working behind the indoor party center service counter.

With experience in both operations and manufacturing we bring a unique perspective to playground design and development and offer this one-stop Smart Playgrounds Development package :

Concept Development and Playground Design

To complete your party center plan and secure your funding you may need the following:

Indoor Playground Design
Activity Options - What playground activities are necessary, which are not and how much to pay for them.
What percentage of open play elements vs. slides, crawls and tunnels gives the best play-experience?
How much ceiling height do you really need?
Your #1 customer (mom) and her 4 major concerns; Visibility, Cleanliness, Safety and Value.
Your #2 customer (kids) and their 3 major concerns; Fun, social-comfort and more fun.
Some activities are cheaper to build and install, and add extra dead space to your playground - watch out for this manufacturer's tactic.
How you can maximize your facility space and playground through-put to double your weekend revenues.
Themeing - Manufacturers make a mint on themeing. How to gain control of this high-margin add-on and make it work for you.
Add these activities to make your playground act larger than your budget.
Thoughts and ideas on extending the play-a-bility and revenue opportunity beyond your core users.
Open floor concept allows parental interaction while emphasizing visibility and safety - Creative tips for good design.
How to save thousands of dollars on installation fees.
Design ideas to turn mid-week lows into revenue highs.

Planning Services
Market specific, Indoor Play Center Business Plan -- or full review and critique of your own.
Construction and start-up budgets.
General seasonal volume trends.
Pricing structure & guidelines : admissions and activity pricing.
Industry averages and comparisons; Operating costs, expenses and revenues.
Children's Entertainment Center sample floor plan.
FREE Guidebook - How to Raise Start-up Capital from Friends and Family

Concept Development
To succeed, your project concept must match your target market opportunity. Does the center size, activity mix, playground design, budget, and facility layout fit with your potential customer? Most indoor play centers are community-based, which means year to year your center must pull from the same market area. Family A has their 6 year old's party at your place, how do you ensure he and his 12 guests will all come back next year and the year after?
How many party rooms will you need, and how to maximize their location within your center.
The Right Activity Mix : a 12 year old's activity needs are different from an 8 year old, whose needs are different from the 4 year old. Will your activity mix provide the best revenue potential and repeat visits? Here are 10 options and ideas to consider.
Facility layout guidance. Where to put your indoor playground / activities in relation to your concessions, and party rooms.
How to maximize your revenue potential with your traffic flow.
How to use themeing, story-line and characters to brand your facility and help encourage repeat visits.
Food service - How to offer the right menu and improve food sales.
How to minimize your weekday and weekend labor requirements with good facility design.
How to include and sell educational programming, family-friendly content and special events.
Birthday party and event marketing - Strategies to help you deliver WOW! party's.
Location, location - Retail space or light industrial warehouse - how to choose the perfect site.

Additional Products & Services
Complete FEC Knowledge Pack - Includes All Guidebooks on this page.
Operating Forms and Employee Manuals - Includes All these forms and manuals.
6 month membership in the Fun Center Academy. Learn more

Projects Completed:

Family Entertainment Centers:  
Jungle Ridge Playland - Cottam, Ontario

Al Mubarak Center - Shar Ja, UAE

Kids Nite Out - Orlando, FL.

Looney Birds - Jackson, TN

Tover Sluis Castle Playland - Holland

The Fun House - Lanesville, IN.

Radford Wellness Center - Radford, VI

Imagination Island - Plymouth, MA.

Jungle Playland, Burlington, WA.

The Playground - Louisville, KY.

Spokane Playland - Spokane, WA. Havana Lekeland - Stavanger, Norway

Castle Amusements - Courtney, BC

Other Projects:

Play Zone - Brewster, NY

Mukilteo Family YMCA - Mukilteo, WA.

Kid Concepts USA - Torrance, CA.

Ventura County YMCA - Ventura, CA.

Play Zone - Baku, Azerbajian

Monsanto Family YMCA - St.Louis, MO

Gym Aces - Mandeville, LA

British School of Kuwait - Kuwait City

Namco Cybertainment - Puerto Rico

Alexandria Dairy Queen - Alexandria, ON

Royal Tyrrell Museum - Drumheller, AB El Zoca - Whittier, CA

Magic Planet - Dubai, UAE

Papa's Pizza - Eugene, OR.

Apple Valley Fun Center - Wanatchee, WA. Saint Cloud YMCA - Saint Cloud, MI.
Jungle Playland - San Dimas, CA British School of Kuwait - Kuwait
Niagara Clifton Group - Niagara Falls  
Projects Under Development  
Bonkerz - Castle Rock, CO.


The Family Entertainment Center - Cornwall, ON.


A Great Idea is the First Step

The Smart Playgrounds Concept Development and Design service can help you turn your idea into your very own Magic Kingdom. Get expert advice and support from industry mentors who work with you while you achieve your goals, design the perfect indoor playground with unbiased feedback and advice, create your facility layout and complete your business plan.

Expert advice and market guidance from industry mentors.
Facility layout and concept design consultation.
Indoor playground design consultation.
Complete Children's Entertainment Center Business Plan.
Full FEC Knowledge Pack.
Complete Operators Forms and Employee Manuals.


Search around - you will find similar services are priced any where up to $5,000.

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Facility design varies with demographics and market opportunity. It is the responsibility of the developer to conduct the due diligence required to assess the feasibility of any particular location and plan. Although knowledgeable and experienced, Smart Playgrounds can only make recommendations based on the local research provided by the customer. The Business plan is an organic document that has helped others secure their funding, however, direct responsibility for funding is dependent on the owner/management team who is solely responsible to ensure the success of a fun center project, we do not imply nor guarantee that the plan as completed will secure any amount of funding or success in operating a family fun center. If you have any further concerns check our Legal Notice.